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Dolly is Love
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Life is a song to me.

-Dolly Parton

Since I was young, I have known of Dolly Parton as a famous singer and songwriter. She has been a staple of pop culture for as long as I can remember. Until recently, I never really understood how much of a genius and gift to the world she is.

My recent awareness was spurred by watching a Christmas special based on her life. In 2017, I was confronted with Dolly again in the recent Speed Art Museum exhibition “Southern Accent: Seeking the American South in Contemporary Art.” In the exhibit, there is a portrait of Dolly by Andy Warhol, another genius, and idol of mine. Celebrity, fame, and fortune are all themes that I am interested in exploring in my work. I am also interested in learning from other successful artists that have figured out how to live their artistic visions.

I’ve had these thoughts and experiences swirling around in my mind for a while and a couple weeks ago decided to explore Dolly more in-depth by making a portrait of her. I listened to Dolly’s music for nearly the entire time working on the piece. The experience really moved me (sometimes even to tears)! I scrolled through Dolly's recordings and realized she has been releasing music every year for the last 50+ years!! She is an inspiration, to say the least, and is pushing me to stay grinding in the studio!

This artwork is made with archival quality materials. FREE SHIPPING in the United States. 

Dolly Is Love, 2017
acrylic paint and paper on stretched canvas
3' x 4' 
Shipped from Louisville, KY